How to save your paper from carbon dioxide pollution

The U.S. Army’s new carbon-absorbing paper is a revolutionary step forward for the paper industry.

The Army, which is transitioning to carbon-free paper, said Thursday that it will begin selling carbon-capture paper in November.

It will also begin producing carbon-tolerant paper for military-related purchases by the end of the year.

The carbon-negative paper is made of carbon-14, which emits less than one-third the amount of carbon dioxide as standard paper.

The Army hopes that the carbon-10 paper will be used in combat-ready vehicles and armored vehicles for years to come.

The paper is being manufactured by the company Green Paper Technologies, which also makes carbon-repellent paper.

The new paper is intended to replace older carbon-based paper, which can be prone to rust and degradation.

The carbon-12 paper is still being produced, and the Army hopes to roll it out sometime next year.

While the carbon paper will likely be used for military and civilian applications, the Army said that its carbon-neutral paper could also be used to replace paper used in consumer products.

That could mean more energy-efficient products like cellphones, laptops, televisions, and more.

The company has said it expects to use the new carbon paper for the U.A.E. in 2020.

The army said the new paper could be used on everything from bulletproof vests to military-issued tactical jackets and gear.

The paper is also a great substitute for the more expensive carbon-13 paper, the paper that’s still being used by the military.

The U.K.’s Royal Mail said it was rolling out the new “green” paper, while the U,K.’-based Guardian newspaper said it is selling the paper for personal use.

The Royal Mail has been selling the carbonpaper for a few years, but the Army says it is now ready to sell it in bulk for the first time.

The new carbonpaper is a great alternative for a lot of businesses, including military and industrial, according to the Army.


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