Why Kraft Paper’s new ‘Kraft’ brand is getting a makeover: It’s ‘really, really cool’

The name of Kraft’s new line of paper products was changed this week to Kraft Paper.

The company’s new product line is “Kraft Paper Plus,” a line that includes its paper-making machines, paper towels and even the iconic Kraft Dinner and Paper Cake.

The new line is the first time Kraft Paper has officially announced the new name.

In a statement, the company said the change was “a natural evolution of our approach to packaging and the way we serve customers, which we think is fun and exciting.”

The company also announced it is expanding its online catalog and partnering with a number of new brands.

The news of the new product was met with mixed reactions on social media.

Some people applauded the move.

Others said they thought it was unnecessary and a poor choice of words.

“Kampen Paper Plus is a better name than the Kraft brand,” wrote user @kennedybob on Twitter.

@kraftpaper said that’s an “unfortunate name” but “it’s also a better way to describe the product.”

Other users were disappointed.

“I like Kraft paper, but it doesn’t make me feel as though I’m buying a product with a name I don’t like,” wrote @chris_matt on Twitter, while @sarah_bethany tweeted “This is the exact opposite of Kraft paper.

What the hell is Kraft paper?”

Kraft Paper Plus will be available from June 3 through Sept. 15.