Super Paper Mario: Scrapbook Paper Mario

Paper Mario’s favorite color, Paper Mario, is getting a new and colorful paper. 

Super Paper Marios Paper Marionette is available in five different colors. 

In a video shared by Nintendo, Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi, Toad, and Toadette are shown playing with a book. 

The book’s cover is colored paper, which is the same as the paper Mario used to decorate his castle. 

Paper Mario has already used Paper Mario Paper Marianette as the cover for a Mario and Luigi comic, which you can see here. 

There are also multiple variants of Paper Mario in Super Papermario. 

For example, Mario can use Paper Mario as the main cover, and the cover of Super PaperMario has a book on it that is green. 

It’s not clear if the book is the paper or the cover, but it’s possible. 

You can also see Paper Mario and Mario’s friends playing with paper on the cover. 

They play Paper Mario on the front of the cover and Mario on it on the back. 

That’s one possible way Paper Mario could have been used for cover art. 

This is also a good time to mention that Mario can be colored on paper.

Paper Mario is a character from the Mario series, and many of his appearances have featured colored paper.

Mario is known for using paper for various things, including writing his own letters, playing with his friends, and decorating his castle with a series of paper-like shapes. 

A few of the characters in Super Mario Maker also use colored paper for their backgrounds. 

Mario, Luigi and Toad also use paper to create backgrounds for their Super Paper Bros. games, including Super Paper Bowser and Super Paper Star. 

We haven’t seen any other Mario games use paper for art, so it’s not like they haven’t used it before. 

Some of Mario’s most iconic paintings, like the Super Mario Art Gallery and Mario Sticks, use paper as the canvas. 

These paintings are actually just colored paper and have no artwork on them. 

 This is another great opportunity for Paper Mario to have a new cover.

Paper Marillion is coming to the Wii U.  According to a new Nintendo Direct, Paper Marione will make her debut in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U on March 28. 

If you missed it, you can watch that video right here.


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