The ‘Paper Clip’ is a myth, but you’ll find it in your mailbox

It’s hard to imagine a paperclip that would fit in your hand, but if you live in a rural area and you’re looking for an affordable way to carry papers, it’s a good bet.

We found it in our mailbox at our apartment complex in Portland, Oregon.

But this is only a tiny part of what’s in our mailboxes.

A quick Google search of “paper clip” reveals more than 300 different items.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, according to a new report from The Washington Times.

Here are some of the more popular items you’ll come across in your mail.

A “paperclip” is a piece of paper with a hole cut into it, and a plastic bag attached to the end.

You can use it to hold your favorite book, a newspaper, or your smartphone.

It’s also great for holding your keys or a wallet.

There’s no shortage of items on the list: books, papers, coins, cards, and more.

Here’s what to look for when you find your mail: A “novelty” item that is designed for the purpose of being thrown into the mailbox, such as a novelty card.

This is a fun way to decorate a room or a place you can share.

A card that is supposed to be used in a certain manner, such a greeting card or card for a birthday.

A note that is written in a specific script, such an envelope.

A paper clip is usually an item with the letters and numbers of a certain type printed on it, but sometimes it’s just a piece or piece of cardboard that is stuck to the side of a container.

If it’s small, you can even use it as a pillow.

Some items that are designed to be thrown into mailboxes are toilet paper, paper towels, paper cups, or paper napkins.

Some of the items you might find in your post office boxes include mail-in postage stamps, postage labels, and envelopes.

These are often made of paper and are usually attached to a post office box.

There are also a lot of items that aren’t used to mail and that can be thrown in your trash.

For example, a bag of old-fashioned postcards, or some of your favorite old-timey songs.

This kind of thing isn’t usually a big deal, but it can be a great idea to throw in the trash when it’s full of mail.

You’ll find a lot more items in your paper mailboxes than you think, because a lot different types of mail can be sent in different sizes and colors.

You might also find a paper clip in a bag or a box in your local grocery store, a gift box in a local grocery or office supply store, or even in a mailbox.

If you live near a postal facility, you might be able to find mail-out items that can go into a post box for free.

This may be a good idea if you don’t want to use your paper clip as a postage stamp.

It also could be a fun idea to mail some of these items yourself, if you’re willing to spend some cash.

But, if it’s the right size and color for you, then you should have no problem finding it.