‘A lot of fun’: Eagles beat Panthers by 22 points

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly said he was impressed by his players during the Eagles’ 41-13 win over the Panthers on Saturday.

It was a good performance, he said.

I was pleased with the way the guys performed.

They played hard and played with toughness.

The thing that stood out to me the most was the way they handled the pressure of having to come out and run and the fact that they were doing it with a lot of poise.

I thought the players were pretty sharp.

They had a lot going for them.

I thought they handled it with class and poise and showed character.

That’s what I wanted to see and that’s what it was.

I had a little bit of a different sense of the game and that helped them out a lot, and that was good to see.

It’s a lot to take in, and I’ve been in a situation where I’ve gotten a lot out of it.

I’ve gone through that with some great coaches.

Chip Kelly is a coach that I can be myself around, so I’ve got a lot left to give.

I think I’m going to keep working hard.

I just want to get back to playing football.

I had a chance to see some great film and it was a great day.

We had a great effort on the field, a great defense, and a great offense.

It was just great to see the guys play the way that they played.

I was impressed with how they handled that pressure and that pressure they put on themselves.

It wasn’t a pretty game, but it’s been a great week for the guys and I think they’re going to have a great season.

It’s definitely a confidence booster.

It feels good to know that I got a chance at this, to play a team like the Eagles.

It feels good because I’m really excited about the year ahead.

I’m excited about what we’re going do as a team and how we’re gonna go about doing it.

We just got to keep putting our hands up and keep pushing through adversity.

It felt good to come back and play, especially for the fans.

It felt good because it was one of those games where you just want them to cheer for you.

I feel like it’s always a great opportunity for a player to play and you feel good about yourself.

You want to play well, and you want to make sure that you play well for the other team.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a losing streak or a winning streak, you want your team to come to you and you play for them, and it’s just fun to come and play for the team.

I got to just go out there and do my job and I’m just happy that I get a chance and it doesn’t get too much better from here.


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