Which companies make the most money? [Infographic]

Vice News is reporting that Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG) and Facebook (NASdaq:FB) are the top two most profitable companies in the United States, but which company makes the most revenue?

The question is, in part, why.

The first thing to consider is the size of a company.

As a company, Alphabet owns more than 10% of the total value of all US businesses.

If you consider that Google has been in business for 25 years, that means it has $1.7 trillion in cash on hand.

And the company is also the largest private company in the US.

This means that if you have a business that makes money and sells goods and services, you can probably get away with doing more business than Alphabet.

That said, the company doesn’t have the kind of massive revenue growth that Facebook or Google are.

So it makes sense that the company that is making money is going to make the money more.

That’s what companies do.

So for instance, Alphabet’s revenue per employee is roughly twice that of Facebook, so the company has about $1,700 per employee, and it has about 7% of its revenue coming from advertising.

That makes it much more valuable than Facebook or any other company, which have a much smaller base of users and are therefore less likely to be profitable.

The second thing to keep in mind is the types of businesses that generate the most income.

It’s not just the big tech companies, but there are a lot of smaller businesses that make the biggest money.

The reason is that they tend to have a lot more product offerings than the big companies, and this means that they can offer products that are more convenient, less expensive, and more relevant to customers.

For instance, you might have a popular fitness app that is very popular with fitness enthusiasts, but the company can offer a variety of different fitness products, and they can be very competitive.

You could also have a health app, which is a little more targeted to the health and fitness communities, but it’s still very popular.

You can also have an online business that is popular with students and small businesses, but they can also offer a wide variety of products and services that are helpful to people.

They can sell food that’s better for them to eat healthier and healthier meals, they can sell products that people can use on their cellphones to get things done on their phones, and so on.

There’s also the issue of product pricing.

For a large company, like Google, it’s very difficult to raise money.

Google is very profitable, but because it’s a big company, it can’t afford to go out and buy stock, and therefore it’s not profitable.

That means that the price of its products and the price it charges for its services is also very high.

For example, a product like Gmail can cost $25 for a month, and the company only makes money if it can make more money by selling the product more quickly than it charges.

So Google is not profitable if it charges $20 a month for its product.

It makes more money if the price goes down by $20 or $30.

In fact, Google has actually gone as far as to charge a fee to customers who use its Gmail service, which means that a lot customers are paying for the service rather than paying Google for it.

Now, there are other factors that also come into play when a company is considering whether or not it should be making money.

Companies that have more revenue than competitors may be more likely to invest more money in their products.

For startups, this means more product development and product testing.

For large companies, this also means that there is more risk.

For many, it means that their product could fail in a big way, leading to massive losses and the inability of the company to continue.

This is why startups have the most to lose.

A startup that is profitable is one that can continue to grow and expand its product portfolio and increase its revenue.

A company that doesn’t grow or expand its products is likely to lose money.

And for startups that have already been around for a long time, it could mean that they are less likely than larger companies to invest in new products, which would increase their losses.

Another factor to consider here is the value of your products and how much money you can earn.

For most people, it is a good idea to make more revenue for your products than you earn.

But if you are making more than you make, you will not be able to afford to invest any more money into your product or services.

For some people, this is not a big deal, but for others, it might be.

For more information about the risks and rewards of starting a business, check out our article on Starting a Business.

The next question is how much of the revenue is generated from your product.

For the most part, the revenue that you earn will be spread across your company, your team, and your customers.

That is because the


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