The Scooper’s Code: The Rise and Fall of the Papas and the Quest for the Papahanas Treasure in the New World

New Scientist 4.12.16 A new article on the Papatas’ treasure finds has been published.

The team behind the article is New Scientist, which first reported on the team’s findings in January 2017.

The team’s aim was to uncover a treasure map of the site from the early 17th century and to trace its possible routes.

Their results are described in the latest issue of Nature, in which they report their findings.

It’s not yet known how much the Papats found, but the team hopes to identify the site as soon as possible.

The Papas, who have lived in the region for thousands of years, discovered the treasure in 1792. 

“We have the best data of the earliest treasure-hunting to be found anywhere in the world,” says lead author of the article, David Cunliffe from the University of Western Australia.

“And we have the largest treasure map, which we call the Scoopers’ Code, of the whole of South America.”

It’s a fascinating treasure map and we’ve got to find out how it came to be and what the Papans might have thought about it.

“This is the first time a treasure was discovered in the Papá Valley and it is an exciting discovery.”

The treasure map was found by a group of Spanish explorers in the 17th and 18th centuries, when the Spanish were searching for gold.

They were using ropes to drag out the papas’ hides in order to make a map of what the animals ate.

Since the earliest settlement, the Papahs had lived at the site, where they built houses and were given the land as a hunting ground.

Their treasure map is believed to have been the first known map of a Spanish treasure.

As well as the map, the team found an additional piece of the treasure, which they say shows the location of a well and an opening into the Papaya River.

Scientists say the Papa treasure was found on a large area of the riverbank and is about 400 metres wide.

What do you think of the new discovery?

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