New book on the birth of America’s first black president claims Obama was born in Kenya

New research suggests Barack Obama was actually born in the United States, in Kenya.

The book, Black America: The Birth of the United State of America, by the author and African American activist and professor Richard B. Russell, has been widely discussed online, with many claiming it’s the first book to explain Obama’s origins.

But Russell, a professor of African American studies at the University of Missouri, Missouri, has also drawn the ire of some conservatives who say he’s not an African American scholar and should not be trusted to tell the story of how America came to be.

In an interview with BBC News, Russell said the book is not about the black experience, but about the birth.

“What I’m trying to do is put forward a narrative about a historical period when the United, as a nation, was struggling with race relations, was trying to sort of figure out how to make America an African nation,” he said.

He also said he had no personal involvement with Obama’s birth, but had done some research.

Black America: How Obama Was Born was published in February and is being reviewed for publication by the New York Times.

Russell said he hopes to have the book published in English by the end of this year, and hopes to make it available in bookstores.

What he’s trying to say is that, in my view, this is an important piece of history,” he told the BBC.

Many people say Obama’s father was Kenyan.

But Russell, whose book focuses on the US Civil War, said he believes his father was born on American soil.

Obama’s birth in Hawaii is not the only instance in which he was born outside the United Kingdom.

On May 16, 1981, Barack Obama’s mother, Marian Robinson, was in the US on a diplomatic visit.

Robinson, then a college student, told a press conference that she had brought a child from Kenya because she feared that he was going to be adopted.

She said she didn’t know the child was born under Kenyan law.

However, Robinson was never convicted of the crime of violating the US Child Protection Act.


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