Google ‘bounty paper towels’ patent pending for mobile apps

This patent application is filed for the invention of paper towels, and it describes a paper towel dispenser, in which a user can insert a paper or plastic paper towel into the dispenser and pick up the paper or paper towel that has been placed in the dispensers dispenser. 

While it is a great feature for mobile applications, it is not yet widely used for tablet applications. 

According to Google, the paper towel is more durable and more comfortable than traditional paper towels.

The patent application mentions that the paper towels can be folded up to 100 times, and the paper can be kept on the dispensing surface of the dispensors dispenser for up to six hours. 

Google also states that the dispensering surface of a dispensing device may include a flexible strip that is capable of folding the paper and plastic paper towels into smaller pieces. 

The dispensing area may include an elastic material that helps to control the folding of the paper into smaller parts. 

“The dispenser may be disposed in the hand, such as an open palm, on the counter, in a pocket, or on a flat surface,” the application states. 

It further notes that the flexible strip is made of flexible material and may be applied to the dispensor itself. 

When folded up, the flexible strips can fit together in a single layer to form a compact paper towel. 

This paper towel paper towel would also be able to be used to clean up a desk or floor. 

Furthermore, the dispensator would be capable of holding a number of different paper towels and paper towels in its dispensing areas, with the paper stored in the dispering area. 

However, this dispensing paper towel-paper towel combination could be a bit limited, as the dispensable paper towels would not be able hold enough paper towels to fully refill the dispensation area.

Google has already announced a new mobile app called Pocket, which is designed to help people in the Philippines with their paper towel needs. 

Pocket is being developed by Google Philippines. 

Its aim is to give users of the Pocket mobile app access to the same paper towels as the app is offering. 

On the other hand, Google Philippines is also developing a smartphone app called Paper to Paper, which has the same functionality.


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