How to get a reward for spotting a missing koala

The story of a baby koala who’s been missing since last summer is now on the verge of a reward payout after police spotted him in a bush on the Gold Coast.

Key points:The baby koalas mother and her family were last seen in August 2016Police believe the mother and the baby were separated in the same locationThe koalae was found alive and has been found in the Northern TerritoryThe baby was last seen with his mother in August, but was found unharmed in November.

He was last spotted with his father in the middle of the night in a remote area of the Gold and Northern Territory.

“The baby has been missing for over six months and police have been working diligently to find him and bring him home,” Gold Coast police spokesperson Scott Tisdale said.

“He has been reported missing to the Northern Territories, and police are still investigating whether the baby is alive.”

There is a reward being offered for anyone who can find the baby.

“The koala’s mother has been described as a caring woman and has cared for him since his birth.”

It is an amazing, amazing, remarkable animal,” Mr Tisdales said.

He said the koala had been missing when he first came across him in the late afternoon in August.”

I was just sitting on a tree and I saw him and he just stood up and ran over to me and I just thought, ‘Oh, he’s OK’,” Mr Tidd said.

Mr Tidd and his wife, Claire, were driving to their home on Tuesday when they spotted the koal as they crossed a busy road.”

We pulled up to the property and there were lots of koales and I’m just standing there and I thought ‘Oh my God, this is it’,” Mr Pidd said, describing the moment they spotted their pet.”

They were just so cute and so small and there was just a bit of fear and excitement around the kangaroo.

“Police said the young koala was not a known koala, but that he was a bit more socialised with other animals.”

His mother is known to be a bit friendly with other koaloes and we don’t think he’s an aggressive animal, but he does run away quite a bit,” Mr Pedding said.

Police are hoping anyone who has seen the koalan can contact them to help them find him.

Anyone with information can call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.