How to make paper bag for the new year

How to get a paper bag to the new years eve?

I’m trying to make my paper bag this year, so I’m making a few additions to my existing bag. 

First of all, I want to try something different. 

I’ve been using a paperclip for years, but I’ve always ended up getting a mess and it ends up looking messy. 

A paper bag has no problem with this, and this year I’m hoping to avoid that mess altogether. 

So how do you make a paperbag that’s the right size? 

First, a word of caution.

If you have to cut your paper bag in half to make a smaller one, you might want to consider using a ruler to measure your cuts. 

Secondly, the paper bag needs to be completely dry, which means the surface area of your paper will have to be reduced. 

You’ll also want to make sure that the edges are not overlapping and that there is a good gap between the paper and the cardboard. 

And lastly, don’t forget to keep a sharp knife sharp! 

I’m going to be making a bag for my kids to use for their New Years party this year. 

There are plenty of great options out there to make your own paper bags, and they’re generally quite easy to use. 

But I’m going for something a little different this year: a paper bottle! 

A few months ago, I made this cute paper bag out of a simple plastic bottle. 

It worked out really well, but it’s not exactly the same as making a paper tube. 

This year, I’m using a fancy paper bag.

You’ll need: A large plastic bottle (I like a plastic bottle because it’s a lot smaller than a regular paper bag) A piece of cardboard (optional) Paper bag paper Cutting mat or scrapbook paper scissors


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