Papa John’s to start offering coupons to customers

Paper is coming back to Papa Johns, but it’s not just because of the pizza chain’s new “Coupon King” initiative.

It’s because the company is opening up a special coupon store in the new season.

Papa John’s is opening its first store in New Orleans in the spring.

And it will be in a small space inside Papa John DePaul University, the school’s student-run newspaper.

It will also open a restaurant called Papa’s Drive-In on campus, where Papa John will offer a limited number of baked goods and other “premium items.”

The company said it hopes to offer a new deal every two weeks, with a maximum coupon value of $20.

For example, if a customer buys $10 of the “Courier Roll” a deliveryman will get a $5 coupon, a $10 gift card and a free meal.

The company also is making the store available to all students and employees of the school.

If you sign up for a student-only account, you’ll receive a $20 gift card, but you won’t be able to take advantage of all the perks.

The company is also looking for people with a bachelor’s degree, senior citizen or disability to sign up.

The new Papa John coupon store is a step in the company’s ongoing effort to attract new customers and stay competitive with fast food chains.

The chain is one of several major chains that have been expanding its food offerings and the prices of its pizzas and other products have soared over the last several years.

Last month, Papa John announced that it would cut prices of some of its most popular items, including its signature pizza, and also lowered prices of many other products in an effort to keep up with its competition.


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