How to eat papa’s burgerias: The most popular burger in Italy

By Marielle PomeranzFor the past six years, papa has been cooking up the ultimate burger: The Papas Pizzaia.

A burger with an Italian twist, the pizza is topped with pomegranate and garlic and topped with a sweet potato casserole.

It’s also the first burger in the world to be cooked in a toaster oven, so it’s a lot easier to prepare than most.

It’s the second time in a row the papas have won the papa burgeria title.

Last year, they were voted the best burger in Rome.

And this year, the winner was a burger that’s been made from scratch in a pizzeria in the city of Rome.

But the best part is that this year’s winner is the only one that’s being made in a real toaster.

The pizza was born in 2014, when the chef was working as a pastry chef at the restaurant in Florence.

“I was really hungry,” he said.

“And then I thought, Why not make something special for the papà?”

He went to his dad’s bakery and made a doughnut dough with almond milk, garlic, pomegranate, sugar, and lemon zest.

The pizza is made from that dough, and the dough is then pressed onto a bunspan, then heated in a small toaster for 10 minutes to make the pizza.

The dough is a mix of wheat, rye, and rice flour, which makes for a very high-protein dough that has a pleasant texture and a slightly crispy texture.

It was the first time a toasted dough was baked and tasted delicious.

“It was like the dough was cooked in the oven,” said the chef.

The dough was then baked at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about an hour.

The result is a dense dough that is thick, with an incredibly crispy crust.

The sauce is sweet, but it’s not too sweet.

The buns are thin and have a little bit of bite, but not as much as a toffee bun.

“We think this dough is the best, because the pomegarnita comes first,” said Pomeranza.

The chef said that the pizza was a hit.

“Everytime we make it, we get a different response,” he told reporters.

He said he was also pleased with the results.

“People love this,” he added.

The winner is to be announced on February 3.

“Everyone wants to try this, so I’m really happy to see it,” said Papa.