What you need to know about a controversial new product from Papa Roach

This week, Papa Roache has launched a new line of rice paper roll-shaped rolls.

It’s an interesting spin on the roll, with a lot of elements from the traditional roll.

The company has partnered with an Indonesian restaurant, The Dajung, to bring its roll to the US, and to introduce the roll in the US in the new year.

It will be available for purchase this coming week.

Here’s what you need:To start, the roll is made of rice, which is traditionally cooked and served with an egg, soy sauce, rice vinegar and salt.

It is very simple to prepare and has an airy, doughy texture that resembles dough.

The rolled up rolls are also available in an egg-y, egg-and-sugar-flavored version.

Papa Roaches has partnered up with the Indonesian restaurant to bring the roll to a US market in January.

They’re launching a Facebook campaign to spread the word.

Here are some other things you need know:The roll has a thick, flaky surface that is crispy and crispy on the outside and soft and soft on the inside.

The inside is a light, chewy crust that resembles the roll’s signature crispy, sweet flavor.

The roll is packaged in a plastic bag that is meant to hold the roll for the entire day.

Papa says the roll has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In other words, if you use it for food, you can get a full plate of rolls.

There is no “food allergy” label on the product.

The rolling is not meant to be consumed at once, and it can be prepared at home or in advance.

A bag can hold about half of a roll.


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