How to find out if your restaurant is in the Top 50 list: Get tips on the best restaurants in the country

Restaurants in the top 50 are ranked according to customer satisfaction, overall food quality, restaurant quality and service, among other criteria.

The restaurant rankings were published by Restaurants Magazine on Tuesday.

The list includes restaurants that offer a full menu of fresh, local, organic and locally sourced food, as well as premium service.

The Top 50 Restaurant Guide, published by The Restaurant Association of America, includes information on the highest-rated restaurants, top 50 local and regional eateries and the best-reviewed restaurants in major cities and towns.

The publication also includes restaurant rankings based on reviews by members of the public.

Here are the restaurants in order of the number of Michelin stars the restaurants have: Top 50 Restaurants Rank Restaurant 1.

Bienvenido’s at the Beach at The Beach at the New York City beach atoll restaurant with its signature surf and turf patio and live music, the restaurant also offers a $30 off meal for a year to guests.


Pabst Brewing Company at the Brooklyn Navy Yard at Brooklyn Navy Yards at the newly renovated Navy Yard on the Hudson River waterfront.


The Golden Duck at the Pabster at the Grand Central Terminal in New York.


The Grand Central Market at the Terminal at the Westfield Shopping Center in Brooklyn.


The Bier Baron at the Bierhaus at the Empire State Building in New Jersey.


The Cajun Room at the Hotel Mondares at the Plaza at The Plaza Hotel in Manhattan.


Szechuan Express at the Mondairium at the La Cienega Hotel in Miami.


The Palace at the Marriot Hotel in New Orleans.


La Caramba at the Soho Hotel at the SoHo Hotel in London.


The Hacienda at the Four Seasons at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.


The Pina Colada at the Ritz Carlton at the Sheraton Hotel at Hotel Indigo in New Zealand.


The Bar and Grill at the Hilton Garden Inn at the Marina at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.


The House at the House of Blues at the Horseshoe Casino at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.


The Blue Bottle at the Algonquin in Atlanta.


The French Connection at the St. Regis in New Brunswick, New Brunswick.


The Sous Vide Kitchen at the French Laundry at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Tokyo.


The Tap House at The Palazzo at the Palazzos in Paris.


The Le Meridien at the Palace Hotel at The Palace Hotel in Bangkok.


The Steak House at Pizzeria Largo at the Pacific Palisades in Las Angeles.


The La Marzocco at The Savoy in San Francisco.


The Beach House at La Brea Bakery in Los Angeles.


The Kona at the Hawaiian Paradise at the Whistler Resort in Vancouver.


The Chateau Marmont at The Marmont in New Mexico.


The Big O at The Big Bazaar in Las Las Vegas, Nevada.


The The Black Sheep at the Big Smoke at The Blue Moon in Las Riojas, Mexico.


The Cheesesteak in the Big O Ranch in the San Gabriel Mountains of New Mexico, United States.


The Stag & Goose at the Koko Koko in Laguna Niguel, California, United State.


The Gourmet Burger at the Le Marche at the White Sands in New Sandusky, New York, United Kingdom.


The Tuna Tartare at the Steakhouse at The Steaks &amp.

Shops at the Sands Hotel in Las Cruces, New Mexico and is also available in New England and Texas.


The Olive Garden at The Olive Bar at the Old Town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United United States and is available in Florida.


The Oyster Bar at The Oysters at the Oyster Restaurant at The Old Oyster House at Lake Worth, Florida.


The Black Forest at the River Rock Grill in the Woodlands, Texas, United Sates.


The Grilled Cheese and Barbeque at the Delmonico at the Palm Beach Gardens in Miami, Florida, United


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