‘We don’t give a damn’ about the ‘poor, dying’ – Papa Bear restaurant

Papa Bear, a restaurant chain in the southern Indian city of Goa, is planning to open its doors to the public after a government-funded program that allows people to get cash for a meal, in the name of health and sanitation.

The government has said the program is a success, but some in the industry say it is not enough.

The restaurant chain has asked the government for a second grant to open another restaurant in Goa. 

The first restaurant opened in December and has been praised by the public.

The company says it is considering opening a third restaurant in the country.

But in a statement, it said, “We don,t give a fuck.

The poor, dying and dying are the reasons why we have to open these restaurants.

The government can provide a few dollars for us to run a restaurant but it will be our burden and our business is not our responsibility.”

Read more:  https://www.indianexpress.com/business/article8584066.ece#ixzz4V3pV3k9nPThe statement also said the company is committed to offering a safe, sanitary and comfortable experience. 

According to the Goa government, around 2.5 lakh people are employed in the hospitality industry in the state, which includes restaurants and cafes.

“This government initiative is a very important step in achieving the stated objective of providing sanitation and health to the people,” said Tourism Minister and Goa Chief Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

“We are ready to work with any private or government partner to create a better and more inclusive Goa,” she added.

A spokesman for Papa Bear said it was not available for comment on the development.


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