How to cut the cord with papa rays

The papa ray is the most popular of all the bird species, but its life expectancy is only slightly shorter than that of a cockatoo.

Its numbers have declined by about 50% in the last 10 years, and a few species are facing extinction.

The problem: the papa has not adapted to its new home in the United States, where it’s now banned from flying commercially.

“It’s an American bird,” said John B. Krieger, the executive director of the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Washington.

“The only way it can go forward is if the industry is forced to move to something that’s more humane.”

A new, humane solution may be coming soon.

The Pew Charitable Trusts announced last month that it would spend $100 million to study the birds and develop a “papapatricide” that would ban the bird from flying.

That’s a fancy way of saying that the bird would be killed and its eggs thrown away.

“If we can get that in place, then I think it would be much more humane than what we have now,” Krieer said.

The new plan is called the Papapatricside Project.

The goal is to develop an alternative to the bird’s current ban on commercial flight.

To make it work, the nonprofit is working with a handful of conservationists and other scientists to develop a vaccine that is safe and effective.

It would be developed through a collaboration between the Pew Charities, the University of Washington, and Johns Hopkins University.

The vaccine would be made by scientists at Johns Hopkins and the University in Baltimore.

They are developing a new type of gene therapy to turn a protein in a papa’s genome into a synthetic version of the bird DNA.

It could be a new, more effective vaccine for the papapatrices, which live in North America, Europe, and Australia.

Scientists believe the gene therapy could work on other species, such as the chickadees and geese that are also protected under the bird-specific protection plan.

“They’re going to need to go to a very different place,” said Jonathan Ziegler, an associate professor of conservation biology at Johns


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