What’s the point of paper?

By Peter Braid and David MacdonaldThe Globe and Mail (pg.

A6)A note on the origin of paperThe original paper was a piece of parchment, with a thick sheet of parchment bound together by a loop.

Paper was invented in Europe in the 15th century.

In Europe, parchment is still made from a wood, and its fibers are often dyed, sometimes to make it harder to tear.

The cloth that makes up our paper was first produced in China.

But in Europe, the tradition started much earlier, probably around 700 B.C. In the Middle East, the Egyptians also made their own paper.

Today, we all use paper as part of our daily lives, whether in notebooks or on the computer.

Paper is a durable material, and it is commonly used in textiles, apparel, and much more.

But paper is not a good substitute for real wood.

A good book, for example, can be made from an actual piece of wood.

And wood is fragile, and even after decades of use, it is vulnerable to weather and sun damage.

(It’s worth noting that the best quality paper is actually made from bamboo, and is much more durable.)

The most common kind of paper used today is made from cellulose, a tough, fibrous polymer that can be spun into fibers by the process of drying.

But how did paper come into being?

The history of paperIn the Middle Ages, the Middle Kingdom ruled the Mediterranean Sea, which was then part of what is now the Mediterranean basin.

As Europe expanded westward, it also created new land masses.

In 1066, King Arthur’s knights arrived in Ireland, where they conquered Ireland and its people.

The Middle Kingdom fell, but the new lands expanded to the north.

England, however, did not.

By the time the English conquered Scotland in 1215, they had become the dominant European power.

The English had a monopoly on the trade in silver and other goods.

In 1220, the Holy Roman Emperor, Justinian, established the Holy Office to oversee the expansion of the empire.

But the power of the English remained, and they used the HolyOffice to protect their interests in the new territories.

The office’s mission was to defend the English against all foreign threats, and to enforce English laws.

The office’s chief protector was John de la Pole, a Scotsman and the grandson of John de Lasalle, the famous English merchant.

(John de Lasalles family was known as the Lads.)

John de La Pole, however,, was also the most important man in the court.

The Holy Office worked well until the end of the 16th century, when King John de lasalle died.

John de Lascaris, John de Pole’s son, took the throne and became King John VII.

John was not so keen on becoming a king, and he started to enforce his own laws.

By the middle of the 18th century and beginning of the 19th century John had established an army, and a new bureaucracy.

The bureaucracy was made up of two sets of people: judges, who had the power to decide which laws should be enforced, and administrative officials, who were responsible for enforcing the laws.

This bureaucratic structure was called the law court.

In the 17th century the English government tried to implement a law that would make the Holy Scriptures more authoritative.

The law court rejected the law and the law itself.

In 1646, King John passed a law giving the English a monopoly of the translation of the Bible into English, and the rights to make changes to the Bible.

This monopoly allowed the English to dictate the English language and culture to the rest of the world.

The only way for the English people to escape the monopoly was to join the English Church, which at that time was divided into two groups.

The Anglican and the Lutheran groups.

The Protestant group, known as The Church of England, was the majority in England, and their members were called Baptists.

The other group, The Church Of Scotland, were the minority in Scotland, and were known as Mennonites.

They were followers of John Calvin.

In 1805, the King James Bible was published by the printer, William Macaulay.

The new King John was very much influenced by Calvin, and his law was to make the Bible more authoritative and enforce the Bible’s authority.

This meant that the Bible should be more difficult to read and understand, and should be harder to read in English.

The Bible was to be more “in the eye of the beholder,” so it was not possible for the average Englishman to read it without having to learn English.

The law court made a huge mistake, however.

The rule it passed did not reflect the Bible and did not allow the Bible to be read.

This created a huge problem for the Bible, which had a very large following in the English-speaking


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