Papa John’s to Pay $9 Million to U.S. Bankruptcy Judge to Get $1.5 Million in Excess Interest

By Peter ZimrothPosted May 04, 2019 11:14:23When Papa John Schramm, the chain’s chief executive officer, was named in the U.K. to run the company’s restructuring efforts, he made it clear that he wanted to pay out the full amount owed to creditors.

The deal was announced in April, but the final terms were still subject to court approval.

The deal is set to become public in early 2019.

That would give creditors some time to make payments before Papa John closes its doors, according to people familiar with the matter.

Papa John will pay $9 million to U,S.

District Judge Robert Breslin in the United States, according the people.

The company had already announced it was cutting 2,000 jobs, including 1,000 at its headquarters in San Francisco, in what it called a “strategic restructuring” aimed at saving money.

Papa Johns shares have fallen more than 30% in the past year and closed down more than $4 a share at $53.50 on Tuesday.

A spokesman for the bankruptcy judge, Paul Gittings, declined to comment on the details of the agreement.

Breslin ruled in January that Papa John owed $5.5 billion to creditors in bankruptcy proceedings in the UK, the United Arab Emirates, Argentina and Italy.

The U.A.E. and Argentina were among the countries that owed the most to Papa John.

Papa John also owes more than half a billion pounds to its creditors in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The U.B.E., which is seeking to restructure its own debt, is also facing a $3.5-billion deficit.


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