When you pay for newspapers, do you think they’re worth more than paper?

The National Post reports the National Post is about to get a new owner, with a new chairman, and the newspaper will be a part of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

The new owner of the National is David Macdonald, who had previously worked at The Globe and Mail.

Macdonald told The Globe & Mail he hopes to make the newspaper’s print circulation into a billion-dollar business, which will help the paper compete with other major papers in Canada.

But Macdonald also said he doesn’t plan to cut back on the print content.

He told The Post, “We are not going to take a hard cut.

We want to remain the most important paper in Canada, and we want to do that as best we can.”

The new president and CEO of The National will be Andrew Forrest, who will also be chairman of the CTC.

The Globe has been a fixture in Canadian journalism for decades, and its circulation was the largest of any Canadian paper in 2013, and has since grown again.

But its circulation has been falling for the past several years, and this week The Globe announced it would be selling its flagship, the National, to an investor group led by the Toronto-based News Corporation.

The National’s circulation will be cut in half, and it will no longer be available to the public.

The paper’s circulation, the paper said in a statement, will be “completely sold off.”

The National also announced that it will also shut down its online-only digital edition, the website NationalPost.ca, and shut down some online-based services, including its online news app, The Globe.com.

The closure of NationalPost and its digital service will allow the National to focus more on its core business of providing news, news and information.

In the past, the newspaper has been able to operate without a news operation and have the ability to rely on its local audience, said the newspaper.

“I’m very pleased that we will be able to share the news that we publish with as many people as possible,” Forrest said.

“It’s going to allow us to do the job that we have always done best.”


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