Toilet paper roll: ‘We’re all in this together’

As the nation heads into its Memorial Day weekend, many Americans are wondering what they’ll need to put on paper rolls or toilet paper rolls for the Memorial Day holiday.But how much does a normal paper roll weigh, how many are there and how do they stack up?(Alice Li/The Washington Post)The National Park Service has

Papa Gino’s, Papa Murphy’s restaurants are giving away coupons to customers

On Friday, Papa Ginos and Papa Murphys announced the coupons for the day, which include a coupon for a “special Papa” roll and a coupon to “get ready for a night out with your friends.”Papa Ginns will also be selling $3.99 paper towels for $1.99.“Papa Ginos’ and Papa Murs’ offers include an array of great

How to find out if your restaurant is in the Top 50 list: Get tips on the best restaurants in the country

Restaurants in the top 50 are ranked according to customer satisfaction, overall food quality, restaurant quality and service, among other criteria.The restaurant rankings were published by Restaurants Magazine on Tuesday.The list includes restaurants that offer a full menu of fresh, local, organic and locally sourced food, as well as premium service.The Top 50 Restaurant Guide,

The first day of the papa mursahedding scandal

Papa Murphy is the first person to be charged in the scandal that has shaken the Italian papacy, with prosecutors announcing Tuesday they are investigating allegations of sexual misconduct against the 84-year-old pontiff.Murphy was arrested in a police raid on his home in Rome on Monday, and he has denied wrongdoing.The charges, which could lead

When a paper is recyclable, it’s a waste

Paper recycling is a major issue in Australia, and it’s getting more and more expensive.The recycling industry is in crisis.We spoke to the industry’s biggest players and asked if they thought paper was recyclible.The answer is, they don’t.They say they’re not sure.How can we be sure?Read moreRead more: Paper is recycled from a number of


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