Papa Gino’s, Papa Murphy’s restaurants are giving away coupons to customers

On Friday, Papa Ginos and Papa Murphys announced the coupons for the day, which include a coupon for a “special Papa” roll and a coupon to “get ready for a night out with your friends.”Papa Ginns will also be selling $3.99 paper towels for $1.99.“Papa Ginos’ and Papa Murs’ offers include an array of great

Why did Papa Gino’s grillers put up a giant poster of his sandwich?

A giant Papa Ginos grill poster has been seen at a grocery store in California, sparking controversy.The poster is seen hanging at a McDonald’s in San Francisco, Calif., Wednesday, May 10, 2016.The poster is expected to go up in early June.The billboard features Papa Gini’s name and the slogan “The Best Cheese is in Papa